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Vengeance in Death - J.D. Robb I am just going to write a few comments about this book because there have been so many excellent reviews written. In some ways, I think this was my favorite "In Death" book I have read. It was also very sad because it brought up the murder of Sommerset's daughter that had happened many years ago.

I loved how I learned more about Roarke's past and an earlier storyline involving him was revisited in greater detail. Eve is wonderful and I love how she and Roarke truly complement each other. I never really understood why Sommerset did not like Eve (to the depth that he did), but this book really explained it. I now dislike him more than ever because he is such a snob. Although, I am wondering if his attitude toward Eve might change based on the final pages of the book?

Eve is such a strong heroine and I admire her more with each book. I found myself chuckling at all of Peabody's comments and I love how loyal she is to Eve. I especially thought it was funny when she asked Roarke if he had any younger brothers or cousins! I cannot wait to read more about her character in upcoming books too.

McNabb was a new character introduced and I think will be a permanent addition to the series. I am not sure what to think about him and all his glitz, but it will be fun to watch the exchanges he has with everyone (especially Peabody). This is one of my top three favorite series and I cannot wait to read the next one!